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And to this story from the the New York daily news we say, "Uh...what?"
According to their website, Robert Pattinson "questioned a girl about her body parts, an insider tells us. "

“She just stared at him, blankly.” Pattinson then reportedly said, “If I could, I’d have a — on the inside of my elbow so I could lick it all day long.” Needless to say, the lovely lass didn’t bite, and Pattinson retreated alone.

From the millions of interviews I've watched of Rob, he tends to say random things...things that I think he's making up on the fly to confuse as all, which means that this strange story could actually be true. Whatever it was, we'd like to be on the inside of his elbow.

And just for your viewing pleaure: your daily Rob Pattinson on tap below.

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